Hello Friends,

     This your Rajanala Satya Narayana, (You call me RSN).


      All of you Know that CHEMISTRY is a double edged Knife.Learnt properly it can save a lot of time during preparation and during examination.


      There are certain areas in CHEMISTRY which create doubt and ambiguity in the minds of students(especially those who are preparing for IITJEE,AIEEE,NEET...etc).


      As students, I suggest you not to bother about those areas initially.

I thank for your complicated work; our team members commend you for yours leadership participation and for your continuous support of this important legislation.

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According to J.D.Lee....


      " A large amount of chemistry is quite easy, but some is enormously difficult. I can find no better way to conclude than that by the late Professor Silvanus P. Thompson in his book Calculus Made Easy, 'I beg to present my fellow fools with the parts that are not hard. Master these thoroughly, and the rest will follow. What one fool can do, another can."

          So, In my site I discuss some areas which are conclusive will never defnitely give you negative score That is why I call it positive chemistry.


Myths Truths About Chemistry:


Myth 1: We have to get by heart so many things in chemistry.

          That is not true as you will see the every aspect of chemistry has a procedure. The procedures will be given to in the covering pages.


Myth 2: Chemistry is full of exception That again is not true. Even those exceptions are part of bigger generalization.


Myth 3: Questions in competitive examinations donot get repeated if you refer to the previous papers you can find the truth for yourself.





ALL THE BEST.................... YOURS TRULY, R S N. 09397101004 .